In the last post, we discussed the first secret to creating a robust customer service plan and how to determine your vision.

Today, we’ll discuss the second secret to transforming satisfied customers into Raving Fans: understanding your customers’ needs. To effectively serve your customers, you must know who they are, and demographics play a crucial role here. For example, an upper-class woman in her 30s will have vastly different expectations compared to a blue-collar worker in his 50s.

There are four main areas you need to consider and plan when figuring out what your customers want:
  • Listen to Your Customers
  • Ask Your Customers Sincerely
  • Offer More than Just a Product/Service
  • Know When to Ignore Them

All of these factors are essential when determining what your customers want from their shopping experience.

Listen to Your Customers

You need to listen to both what customers explicitly say and what they may imply. Sometimes, customers might request one thing but actually prioritize something else. For instance, if customers are asking for lower prices, you might discover that their primary concern is fast delivery.

Additionally, pay attention to your ‘silent’ customers. These are the ones who don’t complain because the service has been so poor that they’ve simply given up, feeling that their voices don’t matter. They sense being unappreciated, and if a competitor emerges, they’re likely to switch.

Finally, it’s important to pay attention to customers who respond with a simple “fine”. These customers resemble the ‘silent’ customers in that they’ve grown accustomed to poor customer service, leading them to provide a monotonous response.

Ask Your Customers Sincerely

If you lack sincerity when seeking their opinions, they’ll easily see through you. You might wonder about the customers who remain silent. In that case, you should pose sincere questions that prompt them to reflect on their experiences. Make them feel genuinely valued, which you should be!

Offer More than Just a Product/Service

Your customers seek more than just a product or service; they desire an experience that leaves them feeling satisfied. They evaluate every step of the process. When you acknowledge this and treat them as individuals, they will sense a genuine sense of belonging.

Know When to Ignore Them

You might believe that this goes beyond delivering excellent customer service, but in truth, you can’t cater to every need, and you won’t always be able to please everyone. It’s essential to establish limits and adhere to them. If your vision and company aren’t aligned with a customer’s needs, they may be better off seeking a solution elsewhere.

These are the steps and tricks for determining what your customers want and how you can utilize them to develop your customer service vision and plan.

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