The Rule of 1% is simply defined as improving your customer service by one percent at a time. Before you can do this, you must have your consistency perfected, or it will never work. Though one percent may seem small, if you approach the vision for your company with incremental steps, you will notice a significant improvement over a substantial period. Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Avoid trying to do too much at once, as it can set you up for failure. Consider the confidence you and your employees will gain when you make a one percent improvement each week. By the end of a year, you will have achieved more than a 50% improvement!

While rules and standards are necessary for growth, it’s essential to remain flexible with your best customers. Many retailers limit the number of items customers can take into a dressing room to reduce the risk of shoplifting, but this policy often inconveniences a large percentage of people who are not stealing from you. Flexibility is the key to delivering what your customers need, while consistency is crucial for how you deliver it.

The bottom line is that customers depend on you to deliver what you promise. If you invest too heavily in extravagant advertising that makes commitments beyond what you can fulfill, even with the best intentions, your efforts will unravel swiftly, leading to failure.

Focus on your vision and take small steps to transform your satisfied customers into raving fans.

I hope you have learned a lot about the importance of good customer service for your overall success. If you need assistance with any of the steps we’ve covered in the last four lessons, consider trying our FREE test drive, which grants you access to some of the best resources, tools, and coaches available.

In upcoming posts, we will explore strategies for acquiring and retaining major clients.