In the last post, we discussed how to figure out what your customers want from a positive shopping experience. Today, we’ll explore the concept of ‘Deliver +1’ and how this concept can elevate your customer service to the next level. I’ve decided to split up this post, so the next one will cover the ‘1% Rule’.

Consistency is the key to delivering a remarkable customer service experience. To transform satisfied customers into Raving Fans, you must surpass the typical customer service standards.

There are three ways to develop consistency:

Avoid offering too many customer service options.

Sometimes, we become so preoccupied with meeting customers’ immediate desires that we deviate from our original vision. Instead, it’s essential to remain faithful to your vision and focus on implementing one or two robust customer service techniques that will distinguish you from the competition.

Before introducing anything new into the mix, it’s crucial to fine-tune your existing systems. There’s nothing worse than launching a new program without first addressing the issues in an old system.

Put solid systems into place.

After determining what you’re going to offer, it’s essential to establish a system capable of flawless execution every time. This system should involve the right people in appropriate roles and responsibilities, along with technology that ensures a consistently positive experience. Emphasis should be placed on achieving results, with the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction.

Good training is the key.

Once you have your system in place, it’s crucial to train people to use it properly and efficiently. This ensures that your team can deliver the results your customers are seeking. While training is essential for the system to function effectively and for your team to work together cohesively, showing appreciation will significantly contribute to your success.

I hope this has provided you with insights into establishing a high-quality customer service system. If you require assistance, consider taking advantage of our FREE test drive, which grants you access to a wealth of resources, tools, and coaching.