Today, I’d like to discuss the three keys to business development and how you can lay the right bricks to establish a solid foundation.

There are three main areas of business development:
  • Innovation
  • Quantification
  • Orchestration

If executed effectively, these three areas will assist you in constructing a solid foundation for your business.

Let’s briefly discuss each one.


Innovation should not be confused with creativity, which is the expression of ideas. Innovation involves translating these ideas into action. This is where a significant portion of your focus should be, not only at the outset but throughout your business’s entire lifespan.


This, of course, pertains to the numbers. We are referring to the value of your innovation. The most effective way to measure this is through customer response. Positive responses indicate what you are doing right, so continue with it. Negative responses highlight areas where you may be going wrong, and you should address those issues. This approach will enable you to keep evolving and adapting to the needs of your customers and the business environment.


After you’ve identified the areas that are working, you can narrow down those aspects and focus on transforming them into standout ideas. Shifting your focus in this direction allows you to optimize your business and fulfill the needs of your customers.

We can assist you in navigating these three areas to develop your franchise prototype during your FREE test drive.

In the upcoming lessons, we will transition to discussing the 7 specific areas you need to consider in your franchise prototype process:
  • Primary Aim
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Management Strategy
  • People Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Systems Strategy

These 7 areas will refine your plan for the highest level of success.