Customer service is a critical factor that can either enhance or jeopardize your business. Consumers have limited patience for poor customer service and quickly grow frustrated with long lines, attempts to reach a live person on the phone, complex return processes, or communication barriers due to language differences.

If you offer a straightforward, efficient, and enjoyable experience, customers will return to your business repeatedly. What’s more, they will share their positive experiences with everyone they know!

There are three secrets to good customer service, and the first one we’re going to address is understanding exactly what YOU want.

As the captain of the ship and the visionary for the future of your business, you need to have a clearly defined plan for your business, and that plan should include customer service.

There are three main goals you need to consider:
  1. Doing business with you should be easy for your customers. You can achieve this through advertised discounts, kiosks, your website, and other technology-based programs designed to assist them in shopping.
  2. Engaging in business with you should be a warm and pleasant experience. Your staff must be knowledgeable, approachable, warm, and patient. Customers should feel like they are receiving good value for their time and money. Perceived value goes beyond the price of the products and encompasses their entire shopping experience.
  3. Change your mindset and ask yourself, ‘How can I afford NOT to do these things?’ This shouldn’t be a question of expenses but rather about creating and retaining happy customers.
With these thoughts in mind, you should also consider a few factors when determining the specific programs and standards you’ll implement.
  • Share your customer service vision with the rest of your staff.
  • Connect your incentive programs and bonuses directly to customer service.
  • Monitor the level of customer service your staff is putting out.
  • Know when you can ignore what your customers want.
  • Continuously focus on your goals.

Now you have an idea of what to consider in order to meet those desires and create a positive customer service experience.

If you’re struggling to determine what you want, the tools, resources, and coaches in our FREE test drive can assist you in defining your company’s wants and needs in relation to customer service.